Image, ego and being human. Why one shouldn’t focus on looking their best

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There is this story about ourselves which we project to the world about who we are, what we stand for and what we are about. Sometimes it is this image that lays siege to someone’s mind within the first few minutes of the encounter, and then over time, your actions prove it to be true on not. If you project that you are brave and daring, but later show that you are a coward when the going gets tough, then cowardice and lying become part of your image. When we are young, we are subjected to a model which will make us be liked the most by the people around us. Whether it would be asking the hot girl out on a date, being on the football team, wearing the most beautiful clothes. We try our best, use our energy to put power to our image, in the hopes of people admiring us, and even on an extreme level fearing us. Big companies use an image to project their traits in their services, whether it would be a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, being innovation-minded etc. It’s their image which projects it and their actions which bring truth to it.

It all revolves around ego. That self that either creates self-love or self-hatred. That voice that keeps repeating who you are motivates you to do certain things to make you feel good about yourself, even if it requires doing something immoral. The worse part is that upkeeping an ego requires you to hide certain parts of yourself and certain flaws to the world which needs energy and overtime can rip you apart as your ego’s voice will be a constant reminder of it. Your ‘real’ self is hidden, and your ‘fake’ self is shown. Lying becomes a habit, keeping up with your lies take energy to upkeep and what’s worse of all if you get caught out in the lie about yourself your image and ego will just collapse, making all those you lied to lose respect towards you all together.

It does make sense on a logical plain. We push others to fear us to protect ourselves from getting hurt, we bring the image of the success of our family forward to bring more love and less (or more) hate towards us, and bring more opportunity in our lives. Just generally feeling great about ourselves feels good! But there is a balance needed. We need to get rid of the hate talk in our brain. The one putting shade on ourselves and also the one throwing shade on others to make ourselves feel better. Have you noticed why people have the motivation to bully in high school? The key is to be human. To see we are who we are. We are not perfect just like everyone else in the world. We don’t have our shit together like everyone else in the world. We can put less energy in pretending we are bigger than we actually are and instead put that energy towards cultivating our careers, or towards that passion project we are working on, or on curiosity towards the world, or on reading a book which will open your mind to different thoughts, realities and cultures. As a human being, we will connect with each other more easily. When we are more truthful about who we are, people will, in turn, be the same. It will be easier to metaphorically jump off that cliff without fearing judgement. In theory, the less we define our image the freer we are to be anyone we want to be.

We all end up in the same destination. People are going to judge and talk about you no matter who you are, what you do, or how your living life. The ordinary way of life was made by someone no smarter then me or you so there is little reason on being a zombie and following the given path in life. It’s those people in life, who without giving a shit about what others think did what they truly wanted in their heart are those who do remarkable things. It’s those who with an open and curious mind, those that choose to challenge the path the world gave them and instead walk on the unbeaten path are the ones that live happy lives. An image is not something that should be focused on, should not be build or hell don’t even put energy towards it. Focus on being human, know that you are someone like everyone else just trying their best and guessing their way through life in hopes of ‘sucking the marrow out of it’ and doing something that matters. People will love you for it, or they will hate you for it. The truth is we can’t have everyone in the world like us, and that’s absolutely okay!




Student of Life who is never graduating

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Monish Swamy

Monish Swamy

Student of Life who is never graduating

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