“Greed is your god, Kaz.”
He almost laughed at that. “No, Inej. Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever.”

Last year I read a fantasy fiction book that has had a lasting effect on me. ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo and also the sequel ‘Crooked Kingdom.’ In a nutshell, it is about six characters who venture off on a heist to achieve a selfish outcome and ultimately save the world from the dangers of a new drug that has the potential to affect the world heavily. …

Earlier this week I was training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We were drilling how to pass our opponent’s guard from standing, which involves keeping control of their legs from their knees, keeping your stance in control, and at the same time figuring out the ‘sweet spot’ of the distance required to being able to easily pass around your opponent into side control. Having a distance too close meant giving your opponent too much control, and being too far meant losing too much control over your opponent.

As I was drilling this, I thought to myself that this is a small game within…

I believe that each culture has something to bring to the table to those who commit to it. We judge a culture based on what values it promotes and the character of the people in it.

We live in a world that is large, with many forms of systems in it that play some sort of part in creating and promoting certain values and traits. What draws us to a certain culture? Maybe we are born into it. Maybe our friend introduced us to it. Maybe the values we live by used the law of attraction to bring us into…

Self-improvement is something I’ve always thrived for growing up. If your the same, then I can confidently say that you would love this podcast.

So long story short. I use to write on Reddit quite a bit. I was going down a rabbit hole about relationships because I had just got into one (a year ago now, still in it, FYI). The question I asked on the r/dating Reddit was, ‘what exactly are the needs that need to be met by either partner in order to have the relationship work?’ I’ve heard a bunch of different things from different people…

What you commit your time and energy to can make a difference in both your world and the next

I like for you to think about something. What are you part of? What music do you listen to religiously? What sports do you play with passion? I want you, with this article to really hone into what you are actually about and why?

I have been thinking a lot about the cultures that run this world. How they came to be created. How they got influenced and changed over the years whether for better or for worse. What people outside of the culture think of it and what people in the culture think of themselves.

We live in a world that has an abundance of mindsets. There’s a why for everything, and the whys given once upon a time seem to become redundant and dominated by other whys.

The Vikings, one of the most fiece warriors to walk this earth, believed in a heaven called ‘Valhalla’, which warriors get access to if they die fighting their best in battle. The hindus believe that our good and bad deeds create karma and gets reincarnated into the next life, making us repent for it.

We as humans have a natural inclination to having faith in a certain…

The best version of myself. It’s the aim that’s been weighing me down the last couple of years. What makes me great? How should I define myself?

I don’t know whether it’s just me or my generation in general. We have this deep-seated desire to be better than the next person, altering our image and facade to look the part as well. I was part of that crowd. Wanting to make as much money as possible even if it meant putting my health and social life at risk and putting it out to the world (the world being social media).

We all do it time and time again. We are faced with a big challenge, then we question our ability. It may be at work, with one of our hobbies or with our relationship with someone. Internally we have a drive that moves us, values that align us, and keep us in check. A hope we push, battling against all the adversity to get there to the best of our ability. We structure our identity. The story we tell ourselves in our heads, which of course, changes over time.

No matter what I exercise, how far I have come, and…

Something we all struggle with. As we grow, try to adult, and push to become someone we are proud of, being our own biggest fan can be somewhat of a task.

Recently, with the current pandemic, work's starting to be pretty challenging, and I feel like my mind is slipping into its old habit of self-criticism. The trail of thoughts that question my actions, my self-worth, and my direction pop up. Anger, sadness, frustration, and anxiety build up, fostering a challenge in my days that keep my mind entertained in a bad way.

I create worlds and realities in my…

There remains this need inside of us, wherever we are in life. It’s this fight for self-worth, a need for a climb, a hope to feel powerful inside. There are several ways of achieving it, and we can pretty much define it any way we want.

The truth is, we all have this fight. Maybe not in the same way, but it’s the same. Our actions and habits define us, we write our own identity with the story we tell ourselves in our head. Are we a victim? Are we entitled? Are we cool? Are we successful? Have we failed?

Monish Swamy

Student of Life who is never graduating

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